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Krčić waterfall from below
Krčić waterfall from below
Our website would like to introduce River Krka, one of Dalmatia's four most important river. Its outstanding feature is the waterfall at Skradin, Skradinski Buk. From this last one of its waterfalls Krka travels 23 km downstream to reach its end in the Adriatic Sea at Šibenik. Up from Skradinski Buk it takes 50 km to get to Krka's spring Krčić by Knin.

For the most part, from its entrance to the canyon below Knin down to Skradin, the Krka area is managed by the Krka National Park. Some of the natural beauties and of the historic sights on or along the river can only be visited with a ticket to the national park (Skradinski waterfall, Roški waterfall, the Krka Monastery, the Burnum amphitheatre). There are still more that are freely accessible, like Krčić, Bilušića, Brljan, Manojlovački and Rošnjak waterfalls and also the arches of Burnum.

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Krka at Roški Slap
Krka at Roški Slap

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